About Us

There is a growing need in industrial plants over the world for better sealing solutions.

Tougher working conditions such as higher speeds, temperature and pressure pressure calls for a need for rugged designs, simpler installation and servicing, as well as lower emissions. Aerodyne's mission is to address this need.

In these times of heightened environmental concerns, the latter is particularly important. Only seals designed with the best available analytical tools, manufactured to the strictest quality standards and made from select and proven materials will meet all these critical criteria.

Aerodyne's state-of-the-art facility was built to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our engineers apply advanced information technology, concise analytical methods, superior materials, as well as decades of experience in sealing turbo-machinery and other fluid-handling equipment. All these are engineered into every pump, compressor, turbine and agitator.

Aerodyne is a small business unit and thus more responsive and better able to provide innovative products and services to meet the needs of its customers. In addition, it strives to continuously improve on both its products and services.

Aerodyne's uniqueness includes a high level of personalised customer service. Rather than being passed down to a junior person, our customers deal directly with the principals.

Aerodyne expects you, the customer, to define performance and quality standards to our products.